Eureka : เครื่องบดกาแฟ จากอิตาลี ความหมายของแบรนด์

E  is the letter which characterises the brand.


Eureka takes care of its Coffee Grinders down to the smallest details. From designing to packaging, from manufacturing to marketing, nothing is left to chance. Still today any Eureka coffee grinder is “hand assembled” in our venue at Florence, Italy.


The Eureka grinder’s design  is classical and innovative at the same time. This allows our Coffee Grinders to be matched with any espresso machines in a  cozy coffee-shops or at a  gourmet restaurant.


Eureka’s long standing tradition ensures that our Coffee Grinders are reliable, robust, beautiful, as well as innovative and uniques. See our  Mythos!


is our favourite drink. We have thought the best solutions to guarantee you the most attractive results in cup!

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