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Orchestrale Nota

Nota is a 1 group professional espresso coffee machine with thermosiphonic supply system, with E61 “Levetta” brewing raised group, with a 3Lt copper boiler, with water loading from tank of 2,8 Lt with capacitive level detector and from the water system, with a professional sized rotary pump for the coffee extraction, with a protection thermostat for heating element, with separate boiler pressure and water pressure gauges, with an easy to adjust boiler pressure essential for different coffee types and blends.

Nota is 100% Made in Italy product, but above all it has been completely devised and realized by D.I.D. srl that set up an ad hoc line of production for this project, that requires a particular handcrafted attitude and an ossessive care for materials, for component parts, for details and for tests. [ดาวน์โหลดโปรชัวว์]


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