Quamar M80 Grinders

Intelligently designed for both power and flexibility, the Quamar M80 on Demand works to redefine expectations of electronic coffee grinders. Doserless and fully programmable, the grinder features three completely separate and customizable dosing buttons, each able to be programmed in time based increments within 1/20th of a second for maximum precision. Similar to the maintenance alerts on a super-automatic espresso machine, the M80 on Demand can also be programmed with a burr replacement reminder that alerts you to change the burrs once a certain number of doses have ground.

For the energy conscious, you can also program an automatic shutoff time that will power down the grinder after a designated period of inactivity. You are also able to adjust the brightness of the digital display to reduce power usage and extend its longevity. Additionally, you can even program the date, time, and even the blend of coffee you’re using.

Internally the M80 on Demand uses a powerful 460 Watt motor and 63mm flat stainless steel burrs that combine for a grinding speed of 1600 rpm. Externally, the grinder is housed in gorgeous hand polished aluminum for true uniqueness. Lastly, the bean hopper can hold up to 1lb of whole bean coffee.

Quamar Q13 Grinder

The Q13 coffee grinder along with its new design and simplicity of use is also noiseless, these features are the aim of satisfying the demands of a mature professional worldwide market. The whole project has been based on the demands of our clients, listening and understanding has helped develop the Q13. Metal components, containment of coffee flour temperatures to not modify taste and smell, reduction of vibrations to a minimum the micrometric adjustment make our Q13 the ideal product for sophisticated and elegant ambiences. The introduction of conical grinding blades, a variant extremely appreciated by our costumers (really selective regarding the coffee taste) assures a high quality ground coffee to obtain the best espresso.


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